Upcycle: from floppy disk to notebook

Pull out that pile of floppies stored few decades ago, it's time to put it in use.

Extra tip: instead of papers, use drawings, pictures, photos or comics and create little picture book.

Repurposing an old suitcase

Recycled old, shabby, vintage suitcases can refresh your home decoration. They can be reused in many ways. In this story you will see how you can transform them into a table, desk or a nightstand.



Step-by-step tutorials can be found on:

Extra tip: if your're feeling extra crafty, take on this challenge.

Reuse Old Earphones and Create Your Own Piece of Jewellery

Found some old earbuds? The left one works, the right one doesn't? You already have new, funkier ones, so you don't need these oldies?

What can a man do with old earphones? 

Well, you can turn them into a piece of jewellery. Here's how: 

1) upcycle old earphones into a bracelet 

2) from old earphones to new earrings ! 

Extra tip: if you want to add some colors to these old wires before turning them into a bracelet, try using nail polish :

Simple Last Minute Halloween Crafts

Trick or treat?

Decorate your home with this easy-to-do Halloween ideas! Enjoy!

Main roles:


Extra tip: don't forget the bats, witches, spiders, pumpkins ... Send us photos of your craft!

Upcycle - a Great Repurpose of Toilet and Paper Towel Tubes

After recycling light bulbs, you can enrich your Christmas decorations collection with these nice, eco-friendly cardboard tube stars.

Extra tip: There are numerous ways to decorate each star - paint it, use glitter or beads and buttons. Your imagination surely has no limits! We would appreciate you posting a picture of your work in comment section!

DIY: Upcycled Old Light Bulb as a Christmas Bulb

*That* time of the year is coming and NOW is the right time to get ready for it!

 I believe that you, as true eco-friends, have saved some light bulbs from their trash-can-destiny.

Here are few examples on how to use them as Christmas bulbs! (click on the picture for the original page)

1) Penguins and snowmen= true winter creatures:


2) For disco lovers: 

3) Coloring method: 

Extra tip: Check out these cool DIY light bulb snow globes!!

A Cute Children DIY Project ~ Cakes out of Bottle Caps

Reuse old bottle caps! You already saw how to make a bottle caps chandelier and a bottle caps soad dish.

Here's one delicious and colorful kids bottle caps project!

Remember that famous quote: Let them eat cakes? In this case - DON'T let them eat cakes! Let them make cakes, let them admire them and let them play with them! :)

Extra tip: you can probably use food colors for caps coloring too. Try it and report the result!

DIY: Recycle an Old Juice Carton and Create a Coin Purse

Reuse those little juice cartons (tetra pak) and turn them into practical (and green) coin purses! 
Pictured step by step tutorial is available here.

Extra tip: try this idea with bigger carton and make a folder. Post a photo of your result in the comment ssection, please!

An Earth Day Project - Reuse PVC Pipes in Planting!

We've mentioned how you can get hold of some PVC pipes and repurpose them.

Here's another, springish suggestion - use old PVC pipes as little flower pots!

(Ideas found at roselypignataro.com.br)

Extra tip: Enjoy Earth Day with your friends or/and family and get crafty! If you're searching for additional planting recycle ideas check the articles in gardening category.

Upcycle a mouse trap and create a magnetic note holder

Here's a way how to make unique note holders out of mousetraps! Yes, that's right! This girl had a totally original idea! I would just add, in spirit of this specific blog, don't buy new traps, just reuse those from your grandma's house. Let the mice be (or get a cat?)

Extra tip:  as a bonus, in this tutorial you'll find out how to make realistic 3D effect with papers!