Fresh start!

Don't have enough money? Need a gift, a new toy, some home decorations? You'd like to treat yourself to some new jewellery? Feeling thrifty? Or perhaps you have money to spend, but you're worried about the state of the environment? Do you have to much energy and no ideas? Do you like to create stuff? Or do you think that creativity is not your strongest suit?

With more or less effort, you can turn trash into something new, and this page is here to help you! In the last couple of years, do-it-yourself culture has become very popular. The part of DIY we're particularly interested in here, is recycling and upcycling. I'd say the difference between recycling and upcycling is irrelevant at this point, because both words are used in slang (correctly or incorrectly) for different ways in which you can repurpose and reuse waste material. There are lots of tutorials about upcycling and recycling that use brand new materials bought especially for that occasion, instead of really reusing refuse (e.g.: ice cream sticks, plastic cups). I think this is unnecessary and so I'd like to invite you to use waste materials as much as you can, so that our planet  would be greener.

With upcycling you save money and our planet, while also developing your creativity.  In our modern, busy, stressed-out world, the only way for us to stay sane is to find a little corner for ourselves where we can rest and recharge our batteries. The success and happiness we achieve in our private lives can make our working hours more pleasant and successful. Do it yourself could make up one small but important part of your wellbeing.

The purpose of this site is to mediate between the enormous number of  internet sites dealing with the topics of creativity,  practicality, cost-effectiveness, DIY, recycling, upcycling etc., and YOU- hobbyists, artistic and creative souls, ecologists, nature lovers, trash lovers, making-something-new-lovers, sustainability lovers ...


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