Upcycle egg carton and invoke spring to your home!

Here's a fun and colorful project that you can make by yourself or with friends, kids or family.

It’s an egg wreath! Ok, not really. Eggs are necessary only because they’re in the box we need. Empty the box and put the eggs in the fridge, or wait until you’ve eaten them and then use the box.

You’ll need carton or paper for the wreath shaped base, a pair of scissors and some paint (tempera or something similar).

You’ll be making flowers out of the egg carton. You’ll then color them and glue them on the wreath base of the structure. Hang it on your door and celebrate spring! Click on the pictures for the tutorials.

This idea originated at krokotak.

Beside this awesome idea, you can make flowers out of the egg box and arrange them into a bouquet which you can then put in a vase.

Extra tip: if you haven't got a nice vase, or you want something unbreakable in case your kids knock it down, you can make a vase by yourself, out of a can, a bottle or a cardboard tube!

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