DIY: an original and practical door mat out of a recycled garden hose!

Well, here's a swell idea! This DIY project is:

1) unique

2) practical

3) 100% eco friendly

By unique I mean - not many people have a garden hose door mat! And not all hoses are the same!

By practical I mean - visualize late autumn rain, your wet boots and puddles in your hallway. The material from which the garden hose is made is also ideal for making a shoe rack where your wet footwear can be left to dry.

By eco friendly I mean- all projects on this page are eco friendly! The bonus of this is that the environment of the object isn't changed. The garden hose stays in its natural habitat, but is used for a different purpose ( + the water was present in its original usage, and it's present now)!

Click and study it!

Extra tip: you can also place it in your bathroom or hallway for those wet boots!

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