DIY: A T-shirt recycling project - transform an old T-shirt into a cool scarf/necklace or even a pair of trousers!

Still keeping those old clothes that miraculously got too small? Let's face it- it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever wear them again. Somebody said - if you haven't worn it for 2 years, you probably never will.  But, you don't have to throw it away! You can, as you’ve probably guessed, recycle & upcycle it!

We already mentioned some ideas for old jeans, and now we’ll see what can be done with old cotton T-shirts!

You can make a cool scarf like this one:

Details can be found here.

Here is a different outcome as we slowly progress to the necklace part.

Tutorial available at  this site.

If we decide to make that braid thinner, we can make a necklace, as shown here!

Aaaand after all that, as true eco, recycling and upcycling friends, you’re probably wondering -  what to do with leftovers!?

There is a solution! Craft some cool two-colored trousers for your juniors!

Extra tip: I think the scarf making works best with those cheap, ordinary T-shirts. And remember - there's no need to buy new T-shirts for this project. If you haven't got any, ask round among your friends!

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