A DIY bird feeder made of recycled milk and juice cartons

It’s still cold outside! Help your feathered neighbors by making them a cheap recycled feeder, and have fun thereat. To upcycle a milk or juice carton, the basic things you need are a carton (yes!), a pair of scissors, glue, paint or colored papers and an ice cream stick or a branch.

The first example is from parents.com (parents know best, right?).

They decorated their feeder with colorful little buttons. And check out that roof!

The next example is a cheerful family project, which you can find at rythmofthehome :

 Extra tip: maybe it would be wise to coat the carton with some waterproof material, such as plastic wrap. It can be decorated with colors or transparent, and you can just add it after you’ve finished decorating your bird feeder.

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