Upcycling: Turn a rusty grater into a jewellery holder

It is not very recommendable to use an old, rusty grater for grating foods. But you don't have to throw it away. As we are learning at this upcycling blog, all rubbish is reusable. Or at least we can find endless ways to try and reuse it somehow.

If you’re searching for an ideal place for your earrings,  have you considered your old grater? I bet you haven't! This DIY project is very very simple! All you need is a - grater. Depending on its condition, you may like to paint it, and with spray paint this is pretty neat and simple.

You can find a nice tutorial and its end result at Pinwheels&Peonies.

Here is another example

Extra tip:  notice how some graters have wider slits on the sides and see how miss The Paisley Fish uses these for holding bobby pins and a nail clipper:

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