Upcycle plastic bottle caps and freshen up your home with an original chandelier

There are recycling containers for collecting plastic bottles, paper, glass etc. Have you noticed how plastic bottle caps aren’t collected at all? So what should we do with them? There is a special way they might be recycled, but you have to "investigate" that in your own city. Meanwhile, we’ll see how you can reuse them.

Creative minds worldwide have already started to come up with cool ideas on how to put those caps to use!

My first cap suggestion is a beautiful lampshade. It is not very complicated, but it takes some time, precision and patience to get it right.

Here it is!

A step by step guide is described at this page , where you can even find some print material to help you pin the lampshade up.

Extra tip: try out different colored caps. Pictures are very welcome in the comment section!

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